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Thread: Making New Threads - Read this first before starting a new thread.

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    Exclamation Making New Threads - Read this first before starting a new thread.

    I have compiled this sticky as a "how to" to guide members when starting a new thread. My hope is that by following the syntax below, it will be easier and quicker for members to identify the name of the security and the exchange on which it is traded.

    First, you should do a search to verify that the thread you are starting does not already exist. Next, follow the naming syntax below to create the title for your new thread. Finally, fill your new thread with your thoughts and viola, your done!



    SYMB = Stock Symbol
    COMPANY NAME = Company's Name
    EXCHANGE = Exchange the stock is traded on
    OTHER INFO = Anything you want, question, attention grabber, etc.

    AA - Alcoa Inc. (NYSE)

    Having the complete name of the company helps others to identify exactly which stock you are talking about and helps alleviate confusion. By listing the exchange (i.e. OTCBB, NYSE) the stock is traded on helps members quickly sort through stocks that they do not have an interest it. For example most professional investors will not deal with stocks traded on the OTC exchange.

    Note: New threads that are duplicates for stocks we already have threads on will be deleted.

    Added on 03/17/10

    Where is the search button?

    The search button is located below the favstocks banner at the top of the page, see picture. To start your search click here and then "Advanced Search" from the drop down dialog box and the search page will open.

    At the top right of the search page will be a text box for you to enter your search term, in your case the stock's ticker symbol. Next, click on the down arrow just below the text box to select either "Search Entire Posts" or "Search Titles Only". If you want to search to see if there is already a thread for a particular stock, selecting the "Search Titles Only" option will yeild the best results.

    Hope this helps, if not just let me know.


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