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By Kevin M
Using a tool to control the flow on the social media
One of the things that can make the social media seem a bit intimidating is the constant flow of messages. …

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High Volume Resistance Plagues Precious Metals, Crude Oil & SP500
08/29/2010 – 5:55 pm PDT | No Comment
High Volume Resistance Plagues Precious Metals, Crude Oil & SP500

Last week was a relatively strong week for stocks and commodities. Although the SP500 closed slightly lower on the week the price action Friday was strong. The recent pop in commodities has everyone feeling good …

Stripping The Facade On The Property Business With North West London Removals
08/29/2010 – 3:30 pm PDT | No Comment

Looking for someone to transport your goods? Or you looking for an office relocation service in London or greater London or moving across the country? Want to move abroad move your house to UK?
We are …

You Can Protect Your Property Purchase Through Title Insurance
08/29/2010 – 3:30 pm PDT | No Comment

Title insurance is intended to defend the insured against losses which can happen when there are problems with the title history, home loan certificate or survey of the property. Since real estate investments can have …

Five Years After Katrina: "New Orleans is Blossoming Again"
08/29/2010 – 2:12 pm PDT | No Comment

Today the President and First Lady were down in New Orleans, joined by members of the Cabinet who have been working on recovery from Hurricane Katrina since they came into office.  The President spoke at Xavier University …

Los Alamos County, NM Takes Delivery of Refuse Truck with Eaton Hydraulic Hybrid Launch Assist
08/29/2010 – 1:50 pm PDT | No Comment

Los Alamos County, new Mexico recently took delivery of the first hydraulic hybrid refuse truck in the State of New Mexico: a Peterbilt Model 320 equipped with Eaton’s hydraulic launch assist system (HLA) (earlier post) …

Remarks by the President on the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana
08/29/2010 – 1:42 pm PDT | No Comment

Xavier University
New Orleans, Louisiana
1:50 P.M. CDT
     THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody.  It is good to be back.  (Applause.)  It is good to be back.
     AUDIENCE MEMBER:  It’s good to have you back!
     THE PRESIDENT:  I’m glad.  …

I Just Joined Foursquare But I Don’t Know Why, Actually Gary Vaynerchuk Told Me To
08/29/2010 – 1:36 pm PDT | No Comment
I Just Joined Foursquare But I Don’t Know Why, Actually Gary Vaynerchuk Told Me To

My wife thinks that I am crazy. I just joined Four Square because Gary Vaynerchuk told me to on his radio show on Sirius satellite radio. Did you know that he had his first show …

Sunday Funnies 2010-08-29 Double Dipping
08/29/2010 – 12:06 pm PDT | No Comment
Sunday Funnies 2010-08-29 Double Dipping

Here is a funny clip from Seinfeld on double dipping.
In case you missed it, please take a look at Nonsense from NBER on Odds of Double-Dip.
Mike “Mish” Shedlockhttp://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.comClick Here To Scroll Thru My Recent …

Where We Are?
08/29/2010 – 11:25 am PDT | No Comment
Where We Are?

My last comment on economic hypochonria generated a great deal of anger on Zero Hedge where the comments got nasty, so I want to address some of the valid criticism.
Mr. Wesbury’s assertion that the economy …

Natural Gas Weekly Technical Outlook
08/29/2010 – 9:25 am PDT | No Comment
Natural Gas Weekly Technical Outlook

Natural gas’s decline extended further last week as expected and the strong break of 3.81 support confirms that whole fall from 6.108 has resumed. Initial bias remains on the downside this week for 161.8% projection …

American Process Waste-to-Cellulosic Ethanol Project Launches in Michigan
08/29/2010 – 8:15 am PDT | One Comment

American Process Incorporated (API) recently launched a waste-to-cellulosic ethanol biorefinery project in Alpena, Michigan. API is one of Michigan’s bioenergy Centers of Energy Excellence (COEE).
In November 2008, API, in partnership with San Antonio’s Valero …