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Property Records Online

By Chandler Man on 05/28/2010 – 11:25 pm PDTLeave a Comment

Each county government found through the U. S. has a county clerk’s office which is home to a range of county records which can be investigated free. These records departments include urgent stats such as weddings, births, deaths and divorces, court records as well as property records.

If you want to search county property records, you can do so from the comfort of your own lazy boy using your personal computer and some clicks of your mouse. You simply need to know the wizardry words to fill into the search box.

Let’s say you wish to investigate county property records referring to a chunk of real estate in L. A. , California. All that you need to know is the right name for the county the property is located in. The 1st website to access should take you to the assessor’s office of the county you have an interest in. So for a place in LA, type in LA County Assessor’s Office into the search box.

This will take you to the Assessor’s Office index page, describing the sorts of practical info you can glean from this resource, for example property values and the method used for considering yearly property taxes.

to research particular information on a particular property, you will need to grasp either the 10-digit Assessor’s Identification Number ( AIN ) which has been assigned to that property or the precise street address. Enter that info, which should pull up a map of the town targeting where the property is located, together with the AIN number.

Click on that AIN number and a chart shows up with all sorts of interesting info, including the property type, the date of the last sale or recording into the county records, the present value of the land and the enhancements, the square footage, the year built, the number of bedrooms and toilets and units if the property is a multi-family dwelling like a studio complex.

If the information you pull up doesn’t answer your questions, get back to the Assessor’s index page for contact info. Most County Assessors have a toll-free phonephone number as well as local direct number to call for further information or help, as well as an internet e-mail form in which you can ask extra questions or be directed to additional resources in your quest for county property records information.

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