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Become a contributor in our network today and enjoy the benefits of massive exposure, build your reputation and credibility, and get backlinks for search engine optimization.

Why Should I Contribute?


Your article will appear in search results and huge media sites, just to name a few;

  • Google News
  • CBS News
  • ABC News
  • (CNet News)

We also have thousands of active members in our community forum who can read your articles.

Your articles can even appear directly in Google Finance News feed for the related ticker as seen in the screenshot below;


Your article will appear on our front page and applicable category pages of the site giving you “link juice” to the article page which contains a direct “do follow” link to your website. These “do follow” backlinks will be highly beneficial to your site since FavStocks is linked to from highly trusted media sites and news organizations and this “link juice” flows to your site, helps boost your search engine rankings, and establish your site as a trusted site.

Who Is Allowed To Contribute?

You must be the contributor, author, or owner of your site or blog. You must own the copyright of the content you submit and syndicate to us. Content must also be in the news/stocks/investing/personal finance subject matter of our site. Due to the fact that our content is highly publicized and appears on many media outlets and news organizations we have very strict acceptance requirements and review all submissions case by case.

We view quality, accuracy, and reputation as being critical to be accepted into our network. We don’t publicly disclose all our acceptance requirements but we encourage you to submit your site to join our network and we will review every submission.

Can I Change My Mind Later?

Yes you own your articles and copyright so you can change your mind and remove your articles at any time. Please contact us using the contact link at the top of the site and allow for 1-3 business days to get a response and process your request.

You Removed Our Site, Can We Get Back In?

If your site was banned or removed from our system for a violation of our contributor agreement you can fix the issue with your site and resubmit your site for inclusion in our network and we will again review your site.

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