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Sunovia In Great Position To Take Off (OTC:SUNV)

By Mike Murphy on 10/23/2009 – 7:30 am PDT7 Comments

Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTC:SUNV), a Florida based company that commercializes LED and Solar Technologies, released a press release last month stating that they have Shattered the World Record Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) for Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Thin Film Solar Cells by over 45%.

According to Dr. Michael Carmody, Senior Director for Development of Photovoltaic Materials at EPIR Technologies, “These are by far the highest Voc measurements ever exhibited by a CdTe-based solar cell. There is no data in the literature that comes close to what we have achieved, and we believe that our two-junction device also represents the first ever high efficiency monolithic, two-junction solar cell using CdTe or any other II-VI material. The company’s two-junction II-VI on Silicon design will reach production efficiencies over 35% and will cost only a small fraction of the cost of three-junction III-V solar cells. This is really a breakthrough in solar technology and EPIR technologies made it happen with Sunovia.

 Sunovia owns the exclusive marketing rights to products produced by EPIR  Technologies, Inc., including infrared sensors and devices for the civilian and military night vision markets. Sunovia owns a significant equity interest in Illinois-based EPIR Technologies, Inc. EPIR holds the patent for growing CdTe directly on a Si readout integrated circuit, for which the company developed a manufacturing capability with Congressional support. Sunovia and EPIR co-own the solar technologies and solar products that are developed under the Exclusive Partnership Agreement. This is where the government connection comes into play.

As of September 10th before the major breakthrough this was released that Senator Dick Durban the Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin the first United States Senator to support the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama approves $52 million in defense funding for projects in Illinois. Out of that 52 million $9,000,000 in funding was given to EPIR to construct a research and manufacturing facility that will fabricate millions of cells using single-crystal cadmium telluride technology. Not only that on but a couple months earlier a form 4 Sec filing of Sunovia technology was found that showed EPIR technologies bought 19,900,498 shares in August.

It just keeps getting better, the senior advisor of Sunovia really took me by surprise because its Ken Juster the former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce from 2001-2005. Mr. Juster currently serves on the President’s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations and serves as Executive Vice President, Law, Policy and Corporate Strategy for, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing Web 2.0 companies. The connections run deep in this company to the current executive branch and the breakthrough technology is really undervaluing this company as a whole both in the market cap and in the market. I hope this insight provided by me is to your liking as it is mine.

SUNV is currently consolidating sideways and building in accumulation and once this .12 and .13 major resistances are cleared I see this taking off for a large breakout the fundamentals are just too strong.


  • Smitty says:

    This company has GREAT potential. It will take some time to start up production, but I expect this stock to take off big time as soon as they start to release some PR’s with the plans.

  • rob close says:

    Sunovia is my favorite small stock that I own (10,000 shares @.085 average - a lot for a 28 year old making $10/hr at a toy store).

    They’ve positioned themselves into amazing growth potential. Their leadership & networking potential speaks for itself - amazingly impresive for their market cap. I forsee this going up up up for years to come, with huge military/government contracts (their goal) looking imminent.

    Really, I can hardly believe that there is a solar/led company with this quality of management, with so much research invested and a world record product of the future…and the stock is at .11 right now. My strongest possible buy reccomendation for youth who have a tolerance to risk, and are willing to hold through some growth spurts.

  • TW says:

    I’m not only a fan of the company but also a shareholder. I view the achievements to date and press as very positive. If not, I would not continue to grow my holdings in the company. That said, I am also risk tolerant (to a point) and look at my investment as a possible 100% loss. What I’m looking for, like others, are the sales and contracts that are going to grow the top line in addition to the operational management that can allow maximum dollars to flow to the bottom line. The current management team I agree is very strong, but to date its all been about R&D and PR, which is science and marketing. SUNV needs a strong sales leader to turn great ideas into revenue.

  • cynthia says:

    I started out with 5000 shares and recently bought another 5000 shares. I was looking for a company that capitalizes on green energy and has a strong potential for future growth. This looks to be that company and the price is right!

  • Poolman says:

    This is a Fantastic Company and priced very nicely (currently only .11 cent range) for almost anyone to accumulate alot of shares and make big money relativly quick.

    I currently own 42,000/shares average price .102

    I will keep accumulating shares on any dips but stock is poised to move higher quickly. Get shares Now !

  • Moberify says:

    This is a nicely done write-up on an interesting company. Thanks. Going now to research.

  • Marijn says:

    I am probably the only investor from Sweden and so shareholder in SUNV.
    The breakout is a fact, but my hope and expectations are an above
    1 dollar share price and institutionals will discover.
    Hidden germs is a Motley Fool term.
    I think this is a Hidden Perl.
    And they have something special, worldrekord.
    And in this world it pays….sooner or later and do not forget
    oil is rising from 33 to 80 a barrel….
    Solar is the play…..

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