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Years overdue, Twitter offers embeddable tweets

By Lani Rosales on 05/03/2010 – 9:01 pm PDTLeave a Comment

Twitter is first, who will follow?

In the never ending race for social networks to offer the next greatest feature, Twitter has announced that tomorrow, they will launch a feature that allows you to embed individual tweets the same way you embed a video from YouTube.

Twitter users are frequently quoted on blogs and this new feature is a time saver for blogs rather than having to do a screenshot which isn’t exactly as efficient as having the ability to embed a specific tweet.

The biggest impact this new feature has on bloggers and Twitter users is that it appears that embedded tweets will automatically link to the individual tweet as well as the user which is definitely a benefit to those involved.

Twitter has released a sample of what an embedded tweet will look like this…

…rather than this screenshot (which has no live links):

Will Facebook soon follow or will they focus on offering standard options like threaded comments and making sense of what a “Like” button is?

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