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Mortgage Rates Down - Home Sales Up: So What Does This Mean For You?
08/27/2009 – 2:01 pm PDT | No Comment

Zillow Mortgage Marketplace which compiles data on mortgage rates announced that mortgage rates are down.  Standard & Poor revealed that home prices are on the upswing for the second quarter in a row.  So what …

FDA Update and Applications Awaiting Approval (CTIC NSPH, AUXL)
08/27/2009 – 9:51 am PDT | One Comment

Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:CTIC) recently released their second quarter figures for 2009 and stated it was a transforming quarter for the company, in which they eliminated 44.5% of their outstanding debt. They also released …

Rumor of Acquisition is getting real (SPPI, BMY, PFE, WYE, MRK, SGP, ALTI)
08/07/2009 – 6:00 am PDT | One Comment

If you are a follower of the abundant rumors, predictions, and speculation that flows around the biotech industry you may have heard that Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (SPPI) may be targeted for acquisition by either Bayer Schering …

The Bear Market is NOT Over and Stocks WILL Crash this Fall Pt 2
08/04/2009 – 11:01 pm PDT | No Comment

Yesterday (Bear Market is NOT over - Part 1)we detailed the different between this current economic contraction, and your usual run of the mill plain vanilla recessions. We also went over the MASSIVE consumer credit …

Bear Market is NOT Over And Stocks Will CRASH This Fall
08/04/2009 – 10:26 am PDT | One Comment

A lot of commentators have begun heralding a new bull market in stocks. Day after day, I hear that March was THE bottom, that the next bull market has begun, and that anyone betting on …

Why Gold Could Clear $1,300 by Year-End
08/02/2009 – 7:44 pm PDT | No Comment

Gold may be nearing its next major leg up.
No investment ever goes straight up or straight down. During the last bull market in gold, the precious metal rose 2,329% from a low of $35 in …