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Delphi Secures More Than $2B in News Business for Next-Generation Heavy-Duty Diesel Fuel Systems

By Green Car Congress on 09/21/2010 – 12:15 pm PDTLeave a Comment

Delphi Automotive LLP has secured more than $2 billion in new business for its F2P and F2E distributed pump common rail fuel injection systems.

Previewed as a development project at the last IAA in 2008, the F2 range, which is designed for operation at up to 3,000 bar, provides an affordable way for manufacturers to meet many global emissions regulations including Euro VI, US10 and Japan PNLTR, Delphi says. Production is expected to begin prior to the introduction of Euro VI in 2013.

Delphi also has been confirmed as the fuel systems supplier for an all-new heavy duty engine.

Separately, Delphi also has booked its first contract for the new F2R common rail system, which has a conventional architecture using a remote pump. In the system, the pump is oil-lubricated, allowing exceptional durability at fuel pressures up to 3,000 bar. Several remote pump and distributed pump systems customers have chosen to use Delphi’s F2 hardware with the company’s new ETC 3 Electronic Truck Controller and control software package.

The F2 family combines the flexibility of common rail fuel management with ultra high pressures that Delphi achieves with its Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) and Electronic Unit Pump (EUP) technologies. The range includes three architectures: the F2P and F2E distributed pump systems that provide a very high level of flexibility in packaging, performance and cost; and the F2R remote pump system that provides ultra-high pressures with the simplicity of a conventional common rail layout.

F2P is appropriate for cam-in-block engines that traditionally would have used an EUP architecture. The rail is pressurized by two or more cam-driven pumps and the layout and dimensions can be retained from a previous EUP configuration, eliminating the need to radically alter existing engines. Production of high output versions can be accommodated by adding extra pumping units, making it cost-effective to offer a wide range of ratings. Because the pumps are cam-driven, there is no loss of an auxiliary drive position on the engine.

The second of the distributed pump architectures, F2E, is appropriate for cam-in-head engines that traditionally would have used an EUI architecture. These can retain their existing layout and dimensions, using two or more cam-driven combination pump/injector units to match fuel delivery to the engine rating. When fuel is required at the nozzle, the pumping element is isolated and fuel is directed from the rail to the injector nozzle.

The F2E system builds on the benefits of the distributed pump configuration by placing all the fuel injection components under the rocker cover, making the system compact and easily packaged. No external drives or high-pressure fuel lines are required and the fully-integrated approach helps reduce engine noise.

The pumping units and drive components are specifically designed for the new common rail system and are lighter than those used in EUI and EUP applications, where they must accommodate substantially greater pumping forces.

Both distributed pump systems can offer Delphi’s Selectable Displacement, which allows individual pumping elements to be isolated when they are not needed, reducing losses and improving overall efficiency and fuel economy.

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