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How My Net Worth Stacks Up

By Tim OBrien on 11/01/2010 – 1:45 am PDTOne Comment

CNN Money’s net worth calculator lists median net worths of Americans two different ways — by age and by income. Here are their results by age:

Less than 25: $1,475
25-34: $8,525
35-44: $51,575
45-54: $98,350
55-64: $180,125
65+: $232,000

And the results by income:

Less than $25k: $1,250
$25k to $49k: $34,375
$50k to $74k: $168,500
$75k to $99k: $301,475
$100k to $124k: $301,475
$125k to $149k: $644,100
$150k or more: $1,122,900

A few thoughts on these results:

  • I continue to be amazed at how low net worths are almost across the board.
  • I’m guessing that there are big ranges within the age groups. After all, someone who is 35 should have a significantly lower net worth than someone who is 44, right? And yet they are in the same age grouping. Then again, if someone is a poor saver, nine extra years isn’t going to result in many gains.
  • These are median, not average, net worth numbers. As we know, there’s a big difference between the two and median numbers give us a better picture IMO of what’s really the case for most Americans.
  • I am waaaaaaaaaay ahead (multiples of the median) of the net worth numbers for my age. I’m 50% or so ahead of the median net worth for my income. The reasons for the latter not being as good are 1) I’ve been good at growing my career (and thus my salary) and 2) I chose to give away a decent amount of my income. If I adjust my income to post-giving levels, my net worth is about three times above the median.

How about you? Where does your net worth come out? (I’m guessing most readers are well above the medians for their age and income.)

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One Comment »

  • Jurgen Larssen says:

    I used the calculator for the members of my extended family, whose age, income and net worth I know reliably. What seems to knock people off the median amount is:
    1. Graduate education delays start of saving, but pays off long-term;
    2. 401K payments are a poor investment compared to alternatives;
    3. Children are a major expense well into their adulthood;
    4. Taking time off to care for dependents has a huge long-term effect;
    5. Self-employment (good) versus corporate employment (bad, and getting worse).

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