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Prius Remains Top Seller in Japan for 15th Month

By Pure Green Cars on 08/05/2010 – 4:25 am PDTLeave a Comment

Toyota Prius kept its top spot in Japan's auto market in July, pushing the Japanese sales of Toyota hybrids to a million vehicles.

The world’s biggest automaker has sold more than 2.68 million hybrids worldwide so far, a million of them in Japan, where demand for Prius gasoline-electric hybrid is increasing.

Sales of the Prius have been boosted by tax breaks and government subsides designed to spur demand for fuel-efficient cars, as well as its by its reputation for delivering superb mileage.

Toyota sold 34,456 third-generation Prius gasoline-electric hybrids in July, making the Prius the best selling model for the 15th straight month, according to data released Thursday by Japan’s Automobile Dealers Association.

Honda’s Fit was second in sales in July at 18,141, followed by two of Toyota’s smaller models, the Vitz and Corolla.

Among hybrids, Honda’s Insight hybrid and CR-Z hybrid coupe finished 22st and 30th, selling 3,884 and 3,225 units respectively.

Newest Prius, now in its third generation since its 1997 introduction, is the best-selling gas-electric hybrid in the world, with a total of 1.8 million units sold around the world. It is so popular in Japan that customers must wait six months to take delivery after placing an order for a Prius due to robust demand for the latest model.

[source: JADA]


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