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SEC Hedge Fund Comments

By Richard Wilson on 07/27/2010 – 11:24 am PDTLeave a Comment

SEC Hedge Fund Comments

SEC Asking Hedge Funds for Comments on Regulations

The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked hedge funds for comments on regulations.  The SEC wants to get a sense of what hedge fund managers think about the provisions in the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill.

SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro said in a speech Thursday to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that hedge funds “have flown under the regulatory radar for far too long.”

“The lack of a comprehensive database for private funds has made it virtually impossible to monitor them for systemic risk and investor protection concerns,” she said.

Last week, however, in Congressional testimony, Schapiro said she wasn’t sure if hedge fund firms posed a systemic risk to financial systems.

Schapiro also said in her speech that the SEC had been working closely with the U.K.’s Financial Services Authority on hedge fund reporting requirements.

Whatever the position the U.S. regulator may take on the systemic risk issue, the public is being encouraged to go to the SEC Web site and fill out a comment form even before the official regulation comment periods are opened.   Source

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