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10 Reasons to Invest in Gold

By Everything Finance on 10/27/2010 – 9:49 pm PDTLeave a Comment

Whoever it was who said “All that glitters is not gold” would be rolling in his grave today if he knew the heights this shining metal has reached – in a world where paper currencies are becoming increasingly unsteady and going down in value by the day, gold is probably the only investment you can call “completely safe”. For most people, investment in gold is a relatively new idea – they have never considered it before because of various issues, ignorance and storage being two of the top reasons. However, today, it’s best to turn to the yellow metal as a wise investment option because:

1. Gold and silver are currencies just like the dollar and the euro.
2. These two precious metals are the only currencies whose values are not determined by any government.
3. The US dollar is depreciating by the day while gold is climbing up by leaps and bounds. So pulling out your money and putting it in gold is the best way to go.
4. Although gold does not earn interest as a bank deposit or a bond or fund does, it’s appreciating value more than makes up for this minor disadvantage. And with the way interest rates are fluctuating and dropping today, you would earn more on gold because it is an appreciating asset.
5. It is a limited resource – while fiat currencies (paper currencies that are printed at the discretion of governments) can be (and are being) printed at random and so prone to worthlessness, there is only so much gold that can be mined and refined for use as bullion or in jewelry. With supply being much less than demand, the price of gold is set to soar even higher.
6. Paper currencies are looking increasingly unsteady by the day, mostly because governments are printing them without any kind of policy or rule – there will soon come a day when dollar bills are not worth the paper they’re printed on if drastic changes do not take place in financial policies.
7. Gold funds are increasing in value even as others are standing still or decreasing.
8. Gold purchased today could be sold for a very high value in a few years’ time – this is a certainty unlike stocks and funds which oscillate and fluctuate according to the movements of the market.
9. The USA is being plagued by an increasing trade deficit and massive federal spending, both of which are pushing the dollar down and gold up.

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