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A Lot You Always Wanted To Learn Dealing With Marion County Property Appraiser

By Chandler Man on 07/30/2010 – 3:25 pm PDTLeave a Comment

Interest in early 20th c. hand-colored photographs by “Harris” has been raising in recent years, particularly in Harris’s Florida scenes.

We had no details on Harris ourselves before numerous a long time ago when we mentioned Harris inside a previous piece of writing and asked readers to supply us with any known information. As a result we received an write-up on Harris postcards, and an write-up that had been published on Harris by the St. Augustine Historical Society in 1991, equally of which shed considerable light about the hand-colored photography job of William James Harris.

In 2003 NRLL East, a little recognized subsidiary of, swept via Florida purchasing thousands of tax deeds OTC and hired acquiring agents who attended taxes deed auctions in almost every county. This Irvine California dependent corporation, with limitless funds, formulated and executed a organization model that worked brilliantly and produced multimillion dollar profits for their corporation. In short, the acquiring agents would walk into a Clerk of Circuit Courts Office, study files, go to asset and query the public records. Upon payment to the Clerk, NRLL would be issued the taxes deed. Once obtained would auction the property and their asset auctions had been huge. Many times getting 600 properties auctioned in a month, and offering the properties devoid of warranty of title. The buyers would sign a release stating that they had been aware the house may possibly have previously been bought via taxes sale. The fact is NRLL bought a lot of Florida properties for much less than $1,500 and Land auctioned the property and in some cases they sold for $15,000-$25,000. This procedure was the two quick and effective.

Known in his youth as the two “Will” and “Willie“, by age 20 he apprenticed below a community photographer. Within one particular year he was able to start his initial photography organization while living with his mother and father and operating his 1st studio within their house.

Another Florida Deed OTC example. Marion County 2004, there were practically 1000 unbuildable parcels zoned recreational offered to purchase OTC. These little parcels were definitely nonetheless accessible and might be utilized as campsites and quick term RV parking. Not seeing the potential was a huge mistake, immediately after five or six weeks we returned to purchase these taxes deeds OTC only to be informed they have been no longer available. Each and every single 1 had been purchased by another investor. Several weeks went by and then some of these parcels had been listed for sale on ebay. It was awesome that a tiny unbuildabe recreational lot adjoining the Ocala National Forest would offer at auction for $1600

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