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A Lot You Always Wanted To Learn Dealing With Marion County Property Appraiser

By Chandler Man on 07/30/2010 – 3:25 pm PDTLeave a Comment


In 1890, the 22 year aged Harris moved with his household to W. Pittston, PA where, although he continued operating a studio in his mother and father home, he also began his profession as a traveling photographer. During the early 1890’s, he spent considerable time photographing coal miners and mining operations in eastern Pennsylvania’s coal regions. While there his commenced the first of several subsequent promotional feats. One on the focal points on the 1893 Columbia Exposition was the first-ever introduction of George Ferris’s great “Ferris Wheel“. And it had been Harris who was the 1st to photograph it. He envisioned that by climbing upon a roof approximately exactly the same height as the Ferris Wheel’s center shaft, he would be in a position to develop a view whereby the curves with the wheel had been not distorted vertically by perspective. This photograph was so impressive that Harris donated 2000 of them for the Ferris Wheel Company, every single of which incorporated his name and address, which helped to make an early name for your young photographer.

Shortly immediately after Maude’s death, Harris and some buddies opened a tourist enterprise in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, marketing pictures of Buck Hill Falls, the Delaware Water Gap, and other local attractions to tourists and regional residents. While operating in the “Harris Gallery” his companies also enclosed cabinet cards and tin-type photographs,. This portable studio once again served as an excellent promotional feat because it enabled him to equally advertise his business, and process his photographic work, wherever he went.

Together they had two children, a daughter (Ruth) and a son (Carver). This marriage lasted before about 1920. After the divorce, Marion Harris returned to her Dover, NJ property with Ruth, leaving Carver with his father.

Soon thereafter, Harris married Ella Anderson, his third and final marriage.

Lake Hopatcong: It was in 1898 that Harris moved to a location that would play a important role in his life…Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Located in northern New Jersey, it’s 9 miles of coastline and coves make it New Jersey’s largest lake and in the turn with the century, Lake Hopatcong had turn out to be a summer season mecca for your rich and famous. Conveniently located to nearby New York city, Lake Hopatcong provided an quick summertime getaway from your metropolis heat and many summertime “cottages“, which in many instances have been much more like mansions, started springing up round the lake. Harris rapidly recognized the have to have for his photographic companies here through the summer season months.

Beautiful sunsets became the Harris trademark whilst operating on Lake Hopatcong and he was farsighted enough to set himself up on a part on the lake that was recognized as possessing the most effective sunsets. And being the fantastic promoter that he was, Harris started advertising his studio as offering the finest sunset photographs on the lake. Soon tourists started out flocking to his studio for their individual and loved ones photographs on Lake Hopatcong.

In an additional move of public relations genius, Harris designed his own private “Floating Studio” from the summertime of 1899. Replacing his land-based portable studio, this floating studio was basically a houseboat specially outfitted as a photographic studio. Referred to as the “Harris Photo Float“, this 16′x50′ floating studio was capable of traveling round the lake, as perfectly as had a unique porch for his renowned sunset photos. Although other photographers have been also operating round the lake, Harris’ floating studio and his gift for promotional effect gave him a competitive edge over the other photographers and he controlled a sizeable portion with the lake’s photography business. Harris continued his summertime visits towards lake right up until as late as 1939, when he was in his 60’s and his photographic job began winding down.

The Clerk of Courts or Tax Deeds Office will have possession of this List. In several counties, for the current time, you can find number of Florida deeds obtainable OTC but using the increased number of persons not paying asset taxes these numbers are escalating in many counties. Some Clerk of Courts provide a link towards the List of Lands from their residence page.

St. Augustine, Florida: In 1898 Harris moved to St. Augustine, Florida wherever he opened the “Acme View Company“. He also lost no time in photographing the beautiful sights in St. Augustine plus the surrounding Florida countryside.

History of a Florida Tax Deed OTC

Harris swiftly fell in love with St. Augustine and to a larger extent, almost all of Florida. Between 1898 and 1940 Harris initiated a photographic career that most of us would aspire to attain today…summers along the shorelines of gorgeous Lake Hopatcong, NJ… and winters in warm and sunny St. Augustine, FL.

St. Augustine provided a variety of photographic subjects that appealed to Florida’s growing tourist trade such as the Fountain of Youth, the Oldest House in America, Ft. Marion, City Gates, and The Old Slave Market, among others.

Serving as its business manager and head curator, Harris was instrumental both in recruiting new members on the Historical Society as well as promoting equally the historical past and heritage of St. Augustine. While on his watch, selected members started out to dispute some on the Historical Society’s unsubstantiated claims…was the “Oldest House in America” in fact as aged as claimed?.

In the beginning of the cycle the home taxes have been unpaid. The taxes lien was auctioned and there were definitely no bidders for the tax certificate on the annual auction. When this happened the tax certificate was issued to the county and carried an 18% annual interest rate. Neither of these actions occurred, so there it sat for 2 lonely a long time not yielding tax revenue for the county.

You might want to also read more to do with Marion County Property Appraiser as well as Marion County Clerk Of Court.

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