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Measuring the Success of Bernanke’s QE II "Virtuous Circle"
11/11/2010 – 5:18 pm PST | No Comment

One easy way to measure success is against stated goals. With that in mind, let’s take another quick look Bernanke’s op-ed piece in the Washington Post describing the need for, and the benefits of another …

Irish, Portuguese, Spanish Bond Whacked; France Joins Germany in Proposals to Make Bondholders Share the Pain; Trichet Supports "Extend and Pretend"
11/11/2010 – 11:42 am PST | No Comment

A pair of articles on Bloomberg highlight the ongoing mess in Europe. Please consider Irish Debt Falls for 13th Day on Default Concern; Bunds Climb
Irish government bonds tumbled for a 13th day on mounting concern …

IEIF France and European Property Prices: October 2010
11/11/2010 – 8:42 am PST | No Comment
IEIF France and European Property Prices: October 2010

One of the most interesting and damming bits of evidence that tipped many off to the existence of a significant real estate bubble during the early 2000s was the fact that dramatically …

Congratulations to Cisco Insiders for Dumping 6,620,750 Shares, 60% of Holdings in 6 Month; Cisco CEO Whines about Taxes; Is Chambers Worth a Dime?
11/11/2010 – 1:54 am PST | No Comment

Cisco was hit in afterhours trading on Wednesday following a rare revenue warning. Futures are down but dip-buying strength has been so insane lately that one must wonder if there will be any follow through.
Regardless …

Fed-Bashing Three Ways; Night of the Living Fed (A 2008 Claim)
11/10/2010 – 7:48 pm PST | No Comment

Beating up on the Fed used to make you an oddball. Does it still? That is the question Slate asks in Fed-Bashing Three Ways.
According to a pre-election Bloomberg poll, 60 percent of likely voters who …

Geithner’s Four-Point Plan for the G-20 is Nothing but a Wish-List
11/10/2010 – 2:54 pm PST | No Comment

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner along with Wayne Swan the treasurer of Australia, and Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the finance minister of Singapore have put together a “plan” for the G-20 in an op-ed piece in the …

Reflections on Social Paradigm Changes; Victimized by the Fed; The Biggest Bubble
11/10/2010 – 9:24 am PST | No Comment

Here is an email from a reader regarding social paradigm changes that I would like to share. It is in response to Telling Signs-of-the-Times: Layaways, Off-Brands, Goodwill Stores, Consignment Sales, Frugality, all Thrive …

On The Pulse: Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index October 2010
11/10/2010 – 8:28 am PST | No Comment

The latest release of the Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index™ (PCI) suggests that the economic activity slipped again October with the seasonally adjusted index declining .59% as compared to September but remaining 4.07% above the …

Extended Unemployment: Initial, Continued and Extended Unemployment Claims November 10 2010
11/10/2010 – 7:48 am PST | No Comment

Today’s jobless claims report showed a notable decrease to both initial and continued unemployment claims as a continued flattening trend shaped up for initial claims and traditional continued claims continued to trend down.
Seasonally adjusted “initial” …

Reading Rates: MBA Application Survey – November 10 2010
11/10/2010 – 7:28 am PST | No Comment

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) publishes the results of a weekly applications survey that covers roughly 50 percent of all residential mortgage originations and tracks the average interest rate for 30 year and 15 year …