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Article Archive for July 2010

Remarks by the President on the National HIV/AIDS Strategy
07/13/2010 – 5:30 pm PDT | No Comment

East Room
6:10 P.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, everybody!  Hello!  (Applause.)  Hello.  Hello, hello, hello.  Hello.  Well, good evening, everybody.  This is a pretty feisty group here.  (Laughter.) 
AUDIENCE MEMBER:  We love you, President!
THE PRESIDENT:  Love you back.  …

Statement by the Press Secretary on S. 3104
07/13/2010 – 5:18 pm PDT | No Comment

Earlier today, the President signed S. 3104, legislation that provides permanent authorization for Radio Free Asia (RFA). The mission of Radio Free Asia directly reflects the value Americans place on freedom of and access to …

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 7/13/2010
07/13/2010 – 5:12 pm PDT | No Comment

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room
3:38 P.M. EDT
MR. GIBBS: Yes, ma’am.
Q The meeting today with the Democratic leadership, was there any agreement reached on specific agenda items that will be accomplished before the August recess?
MR. …

President Obama and Other Administration Officials Continue Travel Across the Country for "Recovery Summer"
07/13/2010 – 4:54 pm PDT | No Comment

President Obama, Cabinet Members to Visit Advanced Vehicle Project Sites; Vice President Biden, CEA Chair Romer to Release New CEA Recovery Act Report
WASHINGTON, DC – This week, President Obama and other Administration officials continue to …

Melting glacier in Italy gets a giant thermal blanket
07/13/2010 – 4:00 pm PDT | No Comment

via MeteoLive)
In the hopes of slowing the rate
at which ice is melting in the mountains of northern Italy,
officials have begun covering one their most threatened glaciers with
insulating fabric, creating what is essentially a …

Facebook’s “Old” Owner?
07/13/2010 – 3:54 pm PDT | No Comment

Although this is not a macro-econ story per se, the numbers and potential outcome is so fantastic I felt compelled to post.
It’s been somewhat wrongly reported that Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is facing allegations that …

Spot uranium price edges slightly lower
07/13/2010 – 3:32 pm PDT | No Comment reports uranium spot price price edged slightly lower by $0.25 a pound.
And one analyst described that price as a soft $41.50. This analyst and others expect that Taiwan Power, which is looking for up …

Stuck in Mid-Summer Costruction Traffic? Here’s Who to Blame
07/13/2010 – 1:24 pm PDT | No Comment

The Herald-News reports Talks fail - Illinois construction strike drags on
Monday’s negotiations failed to produce a settlement between striking union laborers and operating engineers and their employers.
Jim Sweeney, president and business manager of International Union …

The Dangerous Road to Deflation
07/13/2010 – 1:24 pm PDT | No Comment

The latest quarterly FHFA home price indices are out and are indicating that the overwhelming trend seen in the nation’s housing markets is still one of deflation.
It’s important to consider that these …

Anatomy of a Credit Card Statement
07/13/2010 – 1:00 pm PDT | No Comment

With the changes included in the Credit Card Act, credit card companies are now required to give users more info on their monthly statements. My colleague over at Five Cent Nickel has whipped up an …