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Article Archive for May 2010

Properly planned changes to the tax system? That’ll be the day.
05/31/2010 – 11:20 pm PDT | Comments Off
Properly planned changes to the tax system? That'll be the day.

I was pleased to read in the Evening Standard that David Cameron has promised that:
“We are going to do a novel thing in this Government. We are going to plan properly, proper meetings, …

Brazil is Booming, but Real is In Trouble
05/31/2010 – 10:35 pm PDT | Comments Off

Generally speaking, investors are bullish about Brazil. The emerging market superstar emerged from the credit crisis essentially unscathed, and some believe that “Brazil will be the world’s fifth-biggest power by the next decade.” This year, …

Michael Travaglini Hedge Fund
05/31/2010 – 9:54 pm PDT | Comments Off
Michael Travaglini Hedge Fund

Michael Travaglini Hedge Fund
Michael Travaglini Leaving Mass. State Fund for Hedge Fund

There has been a lot of focus on the relationships between state pension and endowment funds and investment funds.  As a result of New …

Hedge Funds May Returns
05/31/2010 – 9:28 pm PDT | Comments Off

Hedge Funds May Returns
Hedge Funds Post Biggest Loss in May Since November 2008

Hedge funds have been posting solid gains since 2009 but the average hedge fund suffered a setback in May.  In May hedge funds …

Real Estate For Sale: 1334 E. Granada Rd. Chandler, Az
05/31/2010 – 9:05 pm PDT | Comments Off
Real Estate For Sale: 1334 E. Granada Rd. Chandler, Az

Come check out this great 2 bed 1 bath home in the heart of the Coronado Historic District. Only minutes away from catching a game or going out for an exciting night on the town, …

Will Canada Lead G7 Rate Hikes?
05/31/2010 – 8:25 pm PDT | Comments Off

Reuters reports, World trade growth slows in 1st qtr:

Global trade volumes in the first three months of this year were 5.3 percent higher than in the previous quarter, representing slightly slower …

Euro Bailout Plan is all about Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks
05/31/2010 – 8:24 pm PDT | Comments Off

Here is an interesting article you may have missed from earlier this month.
Former Bundesbank Head Karl Otto Pöhl says Bailout Plan Is All About ‘Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks’
SPIEGEL: Mr Pöhl, are you still investing …

Crude Oil Rises on Outlook U.S. Economic Recovery Will Boost Fuel Demand
05/31/2010 – 7:20 pm PDT | Comments Off
Crude Oil Rises on Outlook U.S. Economic Recovery Will Boost Fuel Demand

Crude oil rose above $75 a barrel in New York on speculation that economic growth in the U.S., the world’s biggest energy consumer, will sustain a global recovery in fuel demand. Oil climbed after Federal …

Welcome Back From Long Weekend!
05/31/2010 – 7:05 pm PDT | Comments Off

Welcome back from the Memorial Day Long Weekend! Hope you guys enjoyed your holiday!
The Dow bounced off last week’s dragon tail formation and is now once again up against its 200 days moving average line, …

Buying Low-cost Eye Glasses To Help Youngsters
05/31/2010 – 4:25 pm PDT | Comments Off

Eye glasses is one associated with life’s essentials that may truly hand techinque the pit via your own budget. Buying eye glasses may price hundreds of us dollars, and that is not really keeping track …