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Carpets are made differently. There are different fabrics used for its creation. Because of the variety of materials, cleaning machines used on the carpets must also vary. On this page, you will learn the different …

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LOL, I actually know what the minis are doing. There is a civilized world still left somewhere! Lord knows there is not much civilized in Denali. After two days of traveling to get here and …

The Boom and Bust in Euro-U.S Home Prices
06/09/2010 – 8:12 am PDT | No Comment

During the majority of the last decade European and U.S. home prices followed similar trends booming when credit was easy and the housing mania ran hot and crashing hard once the party was …

How to Save on Food While Traveling
06/09/2010 – 8:00 am PDT | No Comment

Smart Spending lists 53 tips for saving on food costs while traveling. Here are the ones we use:

Check for coupons and certificates online. When we go on a road trip, my wife regularly brings her …

Purdue Researchers Improve Strain of Yeast for Co-Fermentation of 5 Plant Sugars; Improved Yields of Cellulosic Ethanol
06/09/2010 – 7:55 am PDT | No Comment

Researchers at Purdue University have added the ability to ferment the sugar l-arabinose to a strain of the industrial yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae earlier developed by the team at Purdue that itself offered the ability to …

USDA Broadband Report Highlights Role of the Recovery Act in Bringing Connectivity to Rural America
06/09/2010 – 7:48 am PDT | No Comment

Today I released our first comprehensive report on USDA’s deployment of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding for rural broadband.  It showed that the 68 investments we have already made will bring broadband access to …

Large doses of common painkillers increase risk of heart death in healthy people
06/09/2010 – 7:30 am PDT | No Comment

Healthy people who take high doses of pain killers-even for as short a time as two weeks-are at higher risk for heart problems or strokes, according to a large study out of Denmark, released today …

Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Introduces New BOOST (TM) Technology To Improve Efficiency
06/09/2010 – 7:25 am PDT | No Comment

Evergreen Solar just announced the release of a new product line featuring its BOOST (TM) technology for improved efficiency. The new ES-D and ES-E series will feature this technology, which uses microwires instead of bus-bars …

Trina Solar (TSL) Lands 45MW Solar Supply Deal With So Co Edison
06/09/2010 – 7:25 am PDT | No Comment

Trina Solar (TSL) is popping this morning after it was announced it landed a solar supply deal with one of the largest US utilities, Southern California Edison, and has already begun shipping PV modules.  Trina …

The Fibonacci Tool Fully Explained
06/09/2010 – 7:20 am PDT | No Comment

If you are not already using the Fibonacci tool in your trading maybe you have heard of it. It is one of the most effective and simple tools to use in becoming a successful trader. …

Can Money Really Not Buy Happiness?
06/09/2010 – 7:12 am PDT | No Comment

‘Money can’t buy happiness’ - Leo Rosten
You’ve probably heard this quotation tossed around at some point in your life.  Usually, it’s trotted out when you are complaining about not getting a big enough raise, or …