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When will a plug-in vehicle outsell the Toyota Prius?

By Hybrid Cars on 03/25/2010 – 11:35 am PDTLeave a Comment

Will the plug-in Prius ever outsell the conventional Prius?

Why did GM kill the Cadillac Converj, a plug-in based upon the same Voltecs hybrid drive as the upcoming Chevy Volt? Wouldn’t making as many range-extended EVs across as many models as possible help bring down costs quicker?

“Sure, each Cadillac Converj would not lose as much money as each Chevy Volt,” reports MotorTrend’s Todd Lassa. “But it still would lose money, and the best way to limit losses from new technology is to limit volume. “This Cadillac doesn’t lose as much money as this Chevy” isn’t a business case. Volt is designed to be a “volume” model, eventually produced in the tens of thousands, but it will be years before we see that.”

Years before we see tens of thousands of Volts produced per year? The Toyota Prius is already selling in the hundreds of thousands, so the Volt seems at least a decade away from topping the Prius. Then again, the Volt? Unfortunately, we’ve known about GM’s limited production numbers for some time, so I doubt the Volt will be the first plug-in to contend with the Prius.

Besides, the Nissan Leaf has been the real plug-in story these days……..

Finish: When will a plug-in vehicle outsell the Toyota Prius?

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