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Articles tagged with: chevy volt

Chevy Volt versus the Toyota Prius, again
07/28/2010 – 11:12 am PDT | 2 Comments

Far more cost-effective than plugging in?

The reality of hybrid cost effectiveness
Sure, we’ve pitted the Chevy Volt against the Toyota Prius in the past, but this time we have some real numbers. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t …

“Game changer” most over-used word in auto industry?
07/28/2010 – 10:12 am PDT | No Comment

Can this really change the auto industry?

Game changer? Not any time soon
The latest energy bill provides nice tax credits for natural gas vehicles. Honda executive claims, “This could be a game-changer.”
“The Volt is a game-changing …

Chevy Volt for $41,000 or $350/month to lease
07/27/2010 – 9:49 am PDT | No Comment

Cheaper to lease than to own.

Is leasing the future of the auto industry?
The new Chevy Volt will be offered at $41,000, although the new plug-in vehicle will also qualify for a $7500 tax credit.
However, the …

Chevy Volt pricing tomorrow
07/26/2010 – 12:42 pm PDT | No Comment

How much? We'll find out tomorrow?

Still limited by supply
Tomorrow GM will announce Chevy Volt pricing.
For now the price of the Volt is almost irrelevant, as supplies will be very limited for at least for the …

Battle of Warranty: Chevy Volt versus Nissan Leaf
07/20/2010 – 1:20 pm PDT | No Comment

5 years or 60,000 miles?

Can plug-ins catch without lengthy warranties?
So, we now know that the Chevy Volt will offer an 8 year, 100,000 mile warranty. Today, KickingTires speculates that Nissan was shooting for a …