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Short Sale Practice And Lender Contacts Are Important
09/11/2010 – 9:00 pm PDT | No Comment

My First Short Sale
Hello again and welcome to our blog. We are Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver, Arizona Short Sale agents. Completing greater than 300 short sale transactions in the last couple years, we are …

Stop Foreclosure
09/11/2010 – 9:00 pm PDT | No Comment

If you would like to Stop Foreclosure, then this will the most critical article that you read today. Foreclosure sucks, but there is a way to make lemonade out of lemons… And in this post …

The Globe of Bubbles!?: U.K. vs U.S. Home Prices August 2010
09/10/2010 – 8:54 am PDT | No Comment

One of the more interesting and most dramatic features of the housing bubble days was how pervasive and broad the mania was, encompassing a multitude of regional housing markets across the United States and around …

U.K. Home Prices: Halifax and Nationwide August 2010
09/10/2010 – 8:54 am PDT | No Comment

The latest release of the two most prominent home price indices for the United Kingdom are signaling that the up-trend seen in U.K. home prices may be drawing to a close.
The “Nationwide” series, indicated that …

Do You Know What They Want? Give The Buyers What They Want
09/09/2010 – 3:40 pm PDT | No Comment

In the movie “Tomorrow Never Dies,” James Bond says; “You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!” Well, knowing what they want is half the battle.
What Do …

Home Prices Continue To Decline
09/09/2010 – 3:35 pm PDT | No Comment

Nearly 1 out of every 4 Americans owns a mortgage that is greater than their homes value. In light of the most recent economic news, it looks like the economy will depress further before it …

Profiling the Nissan Leaf buyer
09/09/2010 – 1:12 pm PDT | No Comment

Must own a home and garage and a Prius already?

EV early adopters same as hybrid early adopters
19,000 people have put down a $99 deposit on the Nissan Leaf. On average, they are 45, make $125,000 …

AeroVironment Home EV Charging Station Receives Underwriters Laboratories Listing
09/09/2010 – 6:50 am PDT | No Comment

AeroVironment (AV) has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing for its EV home charging station (EVSE-RS). The home charging station is one element of AV’s range of charging solution, which includes convenience and fast charging systems …

United Kingdom Traders Purchasing Property In Australia
09/09/2010 – 1:10 am PDT | No Comment

Australia Realestate. Traders trying to find new buy-to-let options are frequently drawn towards the new, emerging markets for their thrilling improvement and also the occasionally astronomical rates of capital progress.
It is all effectively and …

How To Find The Best Home Loan For Your Property In Western Australia
09/09/2010 – 1:10 am PDT | No Comment

Many home buyers don’t actually know how much they can afford to borrow until they actually apply for a loan. This situation is not ideal because an informed home buyer is always in a much …