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Articles tagged with: information - OTC Volume Leaders; Most Active Trading Financial and Cleantech Stocks ($5.00-$10.00): (BIHI, CEFC, EVCP, FISB)
09/10/2010 – 11:45 am PDT | No Comment - OTC Volume Leaders; Most Active Trading Financial and Cleantech Stocks ($5.00-$10.00): (BIHI, CEFC, EVCP, FISB)
Point Roberts, WA ( Newswire) September 10, 2010 - OTC VOLUME LEADERS reports on the most active trading stocks …

State-level nano regulation: Yes, indeed, the industry "should have seen it coming" – it caused it!
09/10/2010 – 4:55 am PDT | No Comment

Richard Denison, Ph.D., is a Senior Scientist.
I just read an interesting column by John DiLoreto, CEO of NanoReg, that appears online at Nanotechnology Now.  It’s titled "We Should Have Seen It Coming: States Regulating Nanotechnology."  …

EPA Formally Requests Information About Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing
09/09/2010 – 8:05 pm PDT | No Comment

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued voluntary information requests to nine natural gas service companies regarding the process known as hydraulic fracturing. EPA says the data requested is integral to a broad scientific …

Phil Flynn: One Bad Auction Don’t Spoil the Whole Bunch Girl
09/09/2010 – 10:50 am PDT | No Comment

Yet at the same time one good auction does not solve all of Europe’s problems either. The Portugal bond auction may have eased concerns regarding a total global market meltdown but them Beige Book and …

Back to School
09/08/2010 – 12:45 pm PDT | No Comment

You can help get cleaner, safer school buses for our children.
1. Get informed
Take a look at EDF’s Clean Buses work and the EPA’s state by state information about clean school bus programs in place.

If you …

Website Service For Real Estate Investors
09/08/2010 – 11:25 am PDT | No Comment

Real Estate Investor Website
Are you struggling with the question: “How to find real estate leads?”
If you’re a real estate investor there is nothing more important than leads for your business in 2010. It’s the foundation of any …

Phil Flynn: Demand Jam
09/07/2010 – 9:05 am PDT | No Comment

According to the Energy Information Agency heading into the Labor Day holiday weekend, U.S. retail gasoline prices fell three in a row with an average price of $2.68 per gallon which was the lowest level …

SEC Requires Municipal Advisors to Register
09/06/2010 – 2:54 pm PDT | No Comment

New Form MA-T Released
Under the Dodd-Frank FinReg bill, municipal advisors are required to register with the SEC by October 1, 2010.  Municipal advisors are firms or individuals who provide advice to state and local governments …

09/06/2010 – 12:06 pm PDT | No Comment

By Eva Mor, PhD
Author of “Making the Golden Years Golden”
      In 2011 the first baby boomers will turn 65 years old, according to the U.S. Census. This particular group of seniors will increase at …

Using the Social Media to Drive Ideas
09/05/2010 – 3:42 pm PDT | No Comment

By Kevin M

Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Digg, Stumbleupon. When we think of the social media, we often think of it as mostly a toy to be used to connect with others and to entertain ourselves, …