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Amsterdam and Renault-Nissan Partner on EVs; Targeting Sales of 1,000 EVs by End of 2011
09/22/2010 – 6:35 am PDT | No Comment

The City of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) has signed a Definitive Agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. Among the specific targets agreed by both parties is a determination to register …

CODA Launches Direct to Consumer Sales of CODA EV
09/22/2010 – 2:45 am PDT | No Comment

CODA Automotive, a California-based, US-engineered electric car and battery company, is now accepting deposits for its 100% electric, four-door, five-passenger electric sedan. Drivers can now reserve a CODA with a fully-refundable $499 deposit at

The …

Alliance to Roll Back Taxes Charges Ahead
09/21/2010 – 12:48 pm PDT | No Comment

Everyone should have their eyes on a Massachusetts ballot question this year as to whether or not the state should reduce sales taxes from 6.25 percent to 3 percent. Politicians and unions have aligned in …

CODA Electric Sedan Priced at $44,900
09/21/2010 – 10:50 am PDT | No Comment

CODA Automotive, a startup electric car company in Santa Monica, is pricing its all-electric sedan at $44,900 before federal and state tax incentives.
With a federal tax credit worth up to $7,500 for the CODA Electric …

Remarks by the President at Finance Reception for Congressman Sestak
09/20/2010 – 4:00 pm PDT | One Comment

5:00 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Philadelphia!  (Applause.)  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  Thank you, everybody.  It is good to be back in Philly.  (Applause.)  First of all, I noticed everybody is in …

President Obama’s Town Hall on the Economy, Business and the Middle Class
09/20/2010 – 1:54 pm PDT | No Comment

This morning the President took part in an unusual sort of town hall in conjunction with CNBC.  The audience was made up of “CEOs, union workers, teachers and students” as host John Harwood put it, …

Doesn’t everyone try to avoid or evade taxes?
09/20/2010 – 5:45 am PDT | No Comment

In the light of recent announcements to limit tax avoidance and tax evasion I am forced to ask an uncomfortable question: Doesn’t everyone try to avoid or evade taxes?
Well maybe not ‘everyone’ but certainly a …

£900m to tackle tax avoidance and tax evasion
09/20/2010 – 2:00 am PDT | No Comment

During his speech at the Lib Dem party conference yesterday, Danny Alexander said that:
“Tax avoidance and evasion are unacceptable in the best of times but in today’s circumstances it is morally indefensible.”
He announced that £900m …

The President Appoints Elizabeth Warren to Lead a "Watchdog for the American Consumer"
09/17/2010 – 1:12 pm PDT | No Comment

The President began his remarks today in the Rose Garden laying out the motivation for what was to come:

Before we begin I just want to mention a report that was released by the Census Bureau …

The IRS and Your IRA
09/17/2010 – 4:54 am PDT | No Comment

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is starting to systematically search out violations of the convoluted rules governing individual retirement accounts (IRAs).  There's a lot at stake. Americans hold $4.3 trillion in IRAs, and the cost …