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Articles tagged with: Technology

Following the Sun: Walmart to install thin film solar panels on up to 30 new sites
09/20/2010 – 9:45 am PDT | No Comment

Every hour, the sun provides the earth with as much energy as all of human civilization used in an entire year. At just 10 percent efficiency—that is, if only 10 percent of that solar energy …

Leo Motors to Host Seminar On Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator
09/20/2010 – 6:45 am PDT | No Comment

Leo Motors, Inc. will host a seminar in Korea 28 Sep to demonstrate its proprietary Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) and explain the technology. (Earlier post.)
In July, Leo Motors displayed two electric trucks equipped …

Parker Hannifin and Autocar Deliver Hydraulic Hybrid Refuse Vehicles to Florida Communities
09/20/2010 – 2:45 am PDT | No Comment

The Parker RunWise hydraulic hybrid system features a cradle design for packaging mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical
components. Click to enlarge.

Parker Hannifin Corporation, in partnership with Autocar, delivered hydraulic hybrid refuse vehicles to three South Florida …

Who Inspired You?
09/16/2010 – 3:24 pm PDT | No Comment

Ed. Note: Today President Obama announced the launch of Change the Equation, a CEO-led effort to dramatically improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), as part of his “Educate to Innovate” campaign.
Years may …

JAC and Navistar Sign Two Integrated JV Agreements to Produce and Market Commercial Trucks and Diesel Engines
09/16/2010 – 6:50 am PDT | No Comment

An affiliate of Navistar International Corporation and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. (JAC) have signed a joint venture agreement to develop, build and market advanced diesel commercial engines in China. An affiliate of NC2, a …

Bio Architecture Lab and Statoil Partner to Commercialize Macroalgae-to-Ethanol Process in Norway
09/15/2010 – 11:05 am PDT | No Comment

Bio Architecture Lab (BAL), a synthetic biology and enzyme design company focused on the production of biofuels and biochemicals from macroalgae (seaweed), and Statoil, one of the world’s largest offshore oil and gas producers, have …

Solazyme Completes Delivery of 20,000 Gallons of Renewable Distillate Fuel to Navy; Signs Second Contract for 150,000 Gallons
09/15/2010 – 8:15 am PDT | No Comment

Solazyme, Inc. has completed delivery of more than 20,000 gallons of algal-derived shipboard fuel (SoladieselHRF-76) to the US Navy, constituting the largest delivery yet of 100% microbial-derived, non-alcohol, advanced biofuel. This delivery was in satisfaction …

The Diversification Decision
09/15/2010 – 7:54 am PDT | No Comment

The following is an excerpt from The Investment Answer . It’s a small, easy read with very nicely designed charts and graphs (which I couldn’t put in a post so please use your imagination — …

AMP to Convert SUV to EV for Major OEM
09/13/2010 – 5:54 am PDT | No Comment

EV conversion company AMP Holding Inc. has signed an agreement with a major OEM to electrify one of its SUVs. Under the terms of the agreement, AMP has received one current model SUV from an …

FIA set to fully embrace hybrids
09/10/2010 – 12:28 pm PDT | No Comment

And the winner is a hybrid!

Will the move advance hybrid technology?
Claiming it was time for motorsports to embrace new automotive technologies, FIA president Jean Todt has outlined plans to introduce hybrid technology into all FIA …