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Articles tagged with: October

Existing Home Sales Report: October 2010
11/23/2010 – 8:54 am PST | No Comment
Existing Home Sales Report: October 2010

Today, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) released their Existing Home Sales Report for October showing a continued trend down coming in the wake of the now obviously phony baloney government tax credit sponsored surge …

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index: October 2010
11/22/2010 – 7:06 am PST | No Comment

Today’s release of the Chicago Federal Reserve National Activity Index (CFNAI) indicated that national economic activity remained in contraction in October with the index improving slightly to -0.28 while the three month moving average dropped …

The Fall of Greece: September 2010
11/19/2010 – 6:24 am PST | No Comment

Looking at the most recent OECD economic indicators, Greece makes by far the weakest showing in all the Eurozone appearing to have clearly collapsed into recession.
Industrial production has fallen off a cliff, consumer confidence remains …

OECD Composite Leading Indicators: September 2010
11/19/2010 – 6:12 am PST | No Comment

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) publishes a wealth of data tracking the fundamental economic dynamics of the world’s largest economies.
The OECD leading indicator, industrial production, business confidence and consumer confidence series all …

Don Coxe – Investment Recommendations (October 2010)
11/18/2010 – 1:40 am PST | No Comment

The October edition of Donald Coxe’s Basic Points research report (subtitled “Two Days After Hallowe’ en”) arrived in my inbox a few days late, but nevertheless still makes for good reading. His investment recommendations, as …

New Residential Construction Report: October 2010
11/17/2010 – 6:48 am PST | No Comment

Today’s New Residential Construction Report showed a slight gain to single family permits and notable decline single family starts which, along with a series of downward revisions to prior months results, suggest that housing is …

6 Million Benefit Paying Jobs Vanish in One Year!
11/17/2010 – 2:12 am PST | No Comment

Analysis of weekly unemployment data and covered employees shows that 5,977,844 benefit paying jobs have been lost in the last year.

click on chart for sharper image
The above chart is from reader Tim Wallace. I added …

Production Pullback: Industrial Production October 2010
11/16/2010 – 7:24 am PST | No Comment

Today, the Federal Reserve released their monthly read of industrial production showing a notable slowing with total industrial production remaining flat from September but remaining 5.35% above the level seen in October 2009.
While this report …

EU passenger car registrations drop 16.6% in October
11/16/2010 – 2:40 am PST | No Comment

New car registrations in the EU27 (data for Cyprus and Malta unavailable) decreased to 1,027,036 units in October, marking a 16.6% contraction compared to October 2009. Ten months into the year, demand for new cars …

In Search of 1.1 Million Jobs Claimed by Obama; Where the Hell are They?
11/15/2010 – 9:31 am PST | No Comment

On November 5, the administration was singing the praises of an economic recovery that allegedly created 1.1 million jobs this year. Before we dive into what’s really happening with jobs, please consider Remarks by the …