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Celebrating National Weatherization Day
11/01/2010 – 1:48 pm PDT | No Comment

Ed. Note: Cross posted from the Energy Blog.

This weekend, communities across the country celebrated National Weatherization Day, highlighting the important work happening nationwide to save money for America’s homeowners by investing in energy efficiency.  …

Labor, Stewart Rally
11/01/2010 – 8:20 am PDT | No Comment

Random links to start the week.  Carla Fran on working as a doula (h/t zunguzungu):
My work as a doula has convinced me that what goes on in labor rooms is one of the most potent …

Real-Life Case Study: How to Take Early Semi-Retirement, Part 1
11/01/2010 – 7:54 am PDT | No Comment

A few weeks ago I wrote several posts on early semi-retirement. One reader commented that he had done this (moved from working five days a week to four) and I asked if he’d be interested …

The Bible’s Suggestion for How to Become Wealthy
10/31/2010 – 3:24 am PDT | No Comment

For those of you new to Free Money Finance, I post on The Bible and Money every Sunday. Here’s why.
A reader mentioned one of my favorite Bible verses a few Sundays ago. It’s from Proverbs …

Presidential Proclamation-National Family Caregivers Month
10/29/2010 – 4:18 pm PDT | No Comment

Release Time: 

For Immediate Release


The Financial Price Of Being A Stay At Home Mom
10/28/2010 – 5:06 am PDT | No Comment

I stayed home with my young children, putting my career on the back burner, for five years.  Financially speaking, it was a bad move. Economists say that the stay-at-home parent who gives up a career …

Working While in College
10/25/2010 – 7:45 am PDT | No Comment

The book Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching off My Parents is strongly in favor of having students work while in college.
But many others have …

Campbell Avenue And Fort Lowell Road Intersection Improvement Project
10/21/2010 – 4:54 pm PDT | No Comment

On Monday morning, October 25, 2010, at 6 a.m., traffic on Campbell Avenue will be shifted to the new pavement on the west side of Campbell Avenue, and traffic on Fort Lowell Road will be …

Baby Boomer Workers and Globalization
10/19/2010 – 4:42 pm PDT | No Comment

Aging populations alter how business is done everywhere. The globalization of the economy is accelerating because the world is rapidly aging, and at the same time the pace of global aging is quickened by the …

Remarks by the President at a DSCC Dinner in Rockville, Maryland
10/19/2010 – 6:06 am PDT | No Comment

Release Time: 

For Immediate Release

October 18, 2010

8:03 P.M. …